Safety Guide

Safely Sew Eat Sleep – The Quilt Retreat Guest Guide

The Quilt Retreat continues to enhance hygiene and safety measures in line with the ever changing guidance. Rest assured our dedicated team will provide you with a warm welcome and world class service, for which the award winning Quilt Retreat is renowned, leaving you with long lasting & fun memories. 

Social Distancing

  1. Our aim is to provide our guests with the confidence that our operation is as risk free as possible whilst providing the high quality Quilt Retreat experience.
  2. Our facilities are located in a relatively isolated location with low population density.
  3. We are committed to continuously improve our operation to meet the emerging safety standards as new insight arrives.  

Operating practices

  1. Limiting numbers of guests, thereby reducing interactions with others and enhancing contact safety.
  2. To limit contact, we are providing accommodation for 8 guests for each retreat so that each guest has their own bathroom and bedroom, (6 within the retreat barn & 2 more in Bunts Barn). Our capacity of guest numbers is 10. We can operate at capacity with sharing of twin rooms.
  3. Most of our retreats historically have been for 4 nights. We do offer opportunities for 5 and 6 night retreats.


  1. Workstations are configured to provide extra social distance space. 
  2. Cutting and Ironing tables have been configured to provide extra social distance space.  
  3. Additional contagion / sneeze guard screens are provided.
  4. Hand sanitising points are provided.

Dining / Social area

  1. Tables are configured to provide extra social distance space.
  2. Sofas and wifi are provided in the luxury cabin in the grounds next to the retreat.
  3. All meals will be plated by our team and delivered to your individual table.
  4. Our team may use appropriate PPE, such as gloves & visors when attending to the needs of the guests.
  5. Kitchen procedures & Menu options will follow best practice to enhance food safety.
  6. Breakfast is served at the table with an individual ordering service.
  7. A Hand sanitising point is provided. 

Cleaning & Sanitising Protocols

  1. We will provide guest access to antibacterial gels and soaps.
  2. Our cleaning team will be carrying out additional cleaning & sanitising protocols.
  3. Door handles and other frequently used hard surfaces will be cleaned regularly by The Quilt Retreat team.

Guest Responsibilities

  1. We recommend that guests bring their own masks & visors to protect themselves and others. Please note that due to our enhancement measures it is not anticipated guests need to wear face masks all the time, just occasionally to suit individual requirements. You do not have to wear a mask, but it may be advisable to do so when moving around.
  2. When moving around, we advise to stay alert to social distancing. We recommend groups agree on their own staggering procedures.
  3. Wash your hands often using soap and water, and dry them thoroughly.
  4. Use sanitiser, especially as you enter rooms and after you have had contact with surfaces including the tea point area.
  5. Wipe to sanitise door handles frequently will be done by The Quilt Retreat team. If you wish to carry out your own additional sanitise wipes, please feel free to do so.
  6. Avoid touching your face.
  7. Please follow government guidelines, staying alert at all times.
  8. If in doubt please ask. Protocols are below.
  9. We welcome suggestions.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep you and our teams safe:

Face covering

What helps give you confidence is fine by us. We have provided additional space and screens in the workshop & upon request in the dining room as mitigation to avoid the constant use of face coverings.

We always encourage & support compliance to government regulations. We do suggest wearing face coverings when moving around, although it is noted that official advice suggests briefly passing by is a lower risk,

Checking-in and out and social distancing

If another guest is being checked in as you arrive, please wait until we are free to assist you.
Minimising contact, keeping social distancing measures in place and using hand sanitiser which are available in the dining area and in your room. The Quilt Retreat will help move your bags and machines, whilst wearing Visors and appropriate PPE.

Hygiene and anti-virucidal sanitising spray
We are providing more frequent cleaning of high-touch areas, such as door handles and handrails with approved disinfectants effective against Coronavirus. In the bedroom, we’re paying special attention to cleaning and heating controls, TV remotes, door handles and bathrooms. 


We’re able to ensure our cleaning team maintains the highest standards in cleanliness and hygiene. We are also carrying out additional checks on rooms and all areas.

Bed linen
Laundering all our linen at over 60 degrees, with disinfectant detergent so you can enjoy a safe and great night’s sleep. Quilts are washed at lower temperatures with a hygienically clean laundry additive.

Protective equipment for our teams
To protect our team members we’ve provided them with PPE equipment including gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser. 

Government guidance on the need to wear face coverings in a hotel setting is not fully prescribed, but all our teams have been provided with face coverings, empowering them for safe practices.


Enjoy The Quilt Retreat safely
We are supporting the advice from the government on how to enjoy your Quilt Retreat staycation safely as we welcome you back through our Retreat doors.  

So that we can all enjoy safe travel, here’s a few tips you can follow: 

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser available in our dining area, workshop and an individual tube will be found in your room.
  • We recommend washing your hands in your own bathroom.
  • Keep your distance from one another.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough, throw it away and then wash your hands.
  • If you appear to be unwell, take yourself to your room and contact The Quilt Retreat team immediately. We do keep a temperature testing device to check your symptoms.

Preventing Covid 19 Outbreaks


  1. Closed Spaces with poor ventilation.

The Quilt Retreat has been renovated to modern standards of ventilation including vaulted ceiling, numerous windows and doors. 

  1. Crowded Spaces with many people nearby.

The Quilt Retreat operates with low numbers of people, kept separate by various protocols. 

  1. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations.

The Quilt Retreat operates with the use of screens, to chat with extra safety.

Questions – Contact Michael Barnes 07770 347823 or 01424 893909 or email